Most houseplants like a warmer climate, but there are some tips and tricks to keep them happy and healthy during the colder months.



As we all know, during winter the light levels decrease. Try moving your plant to a position closer to a window. Fiddles don’t like too much direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves, however during winter some direct light will be ok as it will be less intense. You can even move your plant outside when it’s a sunny day to give it a boost of warmth and sunlight!


Remember to also gently clean the leaves of your fiddle to maximise the amount of light it can absorb.



You can’t get buy in Melbourne winter without a heater! Just be careful to move your plants away from the direct draught or vents of heaters. Also cover any cold draughts from doors or windows and maybe move the plant away from these areas. Heaters will cause the air in your home to be quite dry, and fiddles do require some humidity. To increase humidity try lining a tray with pebbles and filling with water just below the top of the pebbles, place the plant on top or nearby. As the water evaporates this will increase the humidity around the plant.



Your plant will require less water during winter. Let the soil dry out in-between watering, this will probably take longer than in summer. Test the soil with your finger 2 inches deep to check if it’s properly dry before watering.


As always, ensure the plant is not sitting in water after watering and remove any water from the catch trays.



Fertiliser is best used during the active growing season of Spring and Summer. As Melbourne gets quite cold, hold off the fertiliser during this time.


Also, don't expect too much growth during the colder months. Fiddles natural growing season is Spring and Summer. So keep it happy during winter and come Spring it will sprouting lots of new growth!